Hello all! I’m happy to finally tell you that we now have some new experimental flavors of Bee Bros’ Lip Balm. Our new additions are the official and perfected release of the lavender flavor, and the new flavor of grapefruit. Theo and I love both of these and we hope you will too. In addition, we are experimenting with hand salve. We are adding scents and giving them a cool new shape. Lastly, we are going to try to make and sell candles. At the moment, we are working on some shapes and figuring out which one will be sold. If you would like some at this time, just send us a message and we can figure something out. Starting next week, I should be posting about every week about the bee community and what’s going on with Theo and I. Can you think about any new products we could try? Any lip balm flavors? Send us a message! We would love your input. Thanks!